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There are not many fitness exercises in traditional martial arts because most people in ancient times where fit from agriculture or the daily practice with weapons the warrior class engaged in. Today we are not so fortunate and our lifestyles are mostly sedentary. While there are a few strength, cardio, and conditioning elements in martial arts, we do not want to water down the traditional methods with new innovations without long and thought out development. To many Martial Arts today are grabbing any new fitness trend and trying to include them inside their martial arts training. Instead an Iron Dog treats Fitness as third martial art, something separate from the self-defense training, but equally important. Iron Mastiff is devoted to this effort, to develop modern fitness practices to match modern martial arts goals.

The primary exercise and fitness tools we use are body weight exercises and kettlebells, from the RKC/ Dragondoor venue. We also encourage free weights, jogging, recreational team sports and other activities, but body weight training and kettlebells are the primary focus. There are numerous awesome methods of fitness training availible from crossfit, the Big Four lifts, StrongLift 5×5, MMA super sets and tire rolling, endurance racing, etc…Iron Mastiff want to build a foundtation undertanding of fitness so students can approach any of these, the same way EBMAS gives martial artists a foundation to learn any other martial art.

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