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Rene Latosa is one of the most demanded Filipino Martial Arts instructors on Earth. His traditional FMA is not based on learning any specific weapon but is instead anchored around 5 Concepts. While there are techniques and the students do learn specific FMA skills, like single stick, double sticks, bolo, staff, Dirty Boxing, etc…these are only tools to develop the understanding of the five Concepts. Escrima itself has been in demand by other martial arts in the USA for a very long time because most martial arts have lost their skill in weapons training. Even Bruce Lee went there to fill in his missing understanding. Since FMA has so many weapons, and since the islands have assimilated almost every culture, a rich heritage is available to us in FMA, but more importantly, Latosa Escrima offers a foundational base in his teaching so we can know any weapon we happen to pick up.

Filipinos began coming to California in the 1930’s, starting with a Filipino man that jumped from a ship and risked the swim ashore from far off the coast. Filipinos are now the largest Asian ethnic group in California today, with over 1.5 million residents. However, FMA is not very wildly practiced, even if it is widely known and in demand. It is a duty then to continue the heritage and teach others, to maintain this important aspect of California history and tradition, even if I am not Filipino myself. Iron Dog started Escrima with a Rene Latosa lesson in 1998 and I have continued to learn and practice and teach every since.

For Iron Mastiff, Escrima offers a variety of weapons and partner training to suppliment any other martial art or fitness effort. The Concepts help a student design their workouts and maintain a balanced approach.


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