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10300020_10204650815895580_5010911584916640238_n(1)EBMAS stands for Emin Boztepe Martial Art System. Emin Boztpe is the founder of this teaching system. It is two traditional martial arts in one house, each done separately. It is not a mixed martial art. By doing Wing Tzun and Latosa Weapons System separately we maintain their individual traditions and allow the students to then compare and contrast between them. WT and Latosa Escrima exist at opposite ends of the martial art training spectrum. Wing Tzun begins with empty hand methods and Escrima begins with a single stick. That is not exactly true, so let me offer an example to clarify. Escrima doesn’t start with any particular method, while WT starts with very specific methods. That is a contrast. Latosa escrima starts with a single limb striking focus while WT starts with a chain punching focus. That is a contrasting dynamic. WT ends with double short swords, escrima ends with advanced empty hand techniques, they each feed off eachothers methods and the skills we receive in their training.
We do not want to build our own martial art from pieces gathered from various disciplines as MMA does. Instead we want to master two systems and let them synergize in us. We might develop our own unique version of fighting with these two system, find our best tools and skills to fit our person, but we will all use the same tradition to learn this. From there we can grow from encounters and training in other styles and Martial Arts, but the combination of WT and Latosa Concepts gives EBMAS students a complete base.

Iron Mastiff enjoys EBMAS because between the two systems we have every type of martial art tecnique availible and we have a systematic way to organize them, present them, and learn.

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