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The Chinese characters translate as “Glorious Eternal Spring” and it has often been spelled Wing Chun in the Western world. It is a martial art that dates back to the 1700’s and it has been evolving every since. In modern time Yip Man founded a public school in Hong Kong in the 1960’s and various English spellings grew from that. Our system traces from Yip Man’s last instructor, Dr. Leung Ting, who chose to spell the name Wing Tsun, following the Yale Chinese translation conventions. There are hundreds of versions of this martial art now, and so we each choose a unique spelling to clarify which style or system we are representing. Dai Si-fu Emin Boztepe is considered one of Leung Tings greatest students, and he chose to change the s to a z when he went his own way and formed his EBMAS school. So we spell it Wing Tzun.

Wing Tzun is based on a self defense goal. It is developed to be the fastest and most effective way to become safer in our lives. WT is not fancy, it is not good in sport events at the beginning. It is meant only to teach you how to beat off a mugger or home invader, to avoid bad situations before they happen, to have the confidence and practice to talk your way out of a confrontation. We have the methods to get this the fastest, and we have the science and physics to back up this training as the best possible.

Our tradition is to be the best. In being the best at self protection, we also grow an inner confidence that helps us become the best in everything else we do.

Once a student has gotten this level of self defense skill, we advance into more complex kung fu types of exercises, we learn to fight on the ground, how to do throws and how to use a staff and double short swords. But all of this is engineered to improve our basic street level self defense. We must start a beginner with something, and we start them with the best reaction time drills on Earth. We then grow from there. The advanced level kung fu methods take many years of hard training to make them effective and this has been a problem for other traditional Wing Chun families who have not modernized their self defense teaching.

Our tradition is to advance and be the best on our time, not the past. EBMAS has a beginners self defense that is more like kick boxing than an esoteric kung fu. We want to be the “Firstest, with the Mostest, and thus the Bestest” to paraphrase an old Western Boxing saying. So we have designed to introductory level instruction in this regard. But it is still traditional Chinese Kung Fu! Dai Si-Fu Emin has train tens of thousands of students around the world and has taken their experiences to heart when they have experienced events in real life. Si-Fu has taken this feedback and has adapted the Wing Chun methods of old and improved them for today’s battles.

Iron Dog Gym has been working with Si-fu Boztepe since 1994. I have trained with Dr. Leung Ting, Keith Kernspecht, and numerous WT instructors over the years. I have been onboard for the slow evolution and changes in our programs across the years, and I am hear to help people understand this evolution.


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