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The growth of my students and in that way myself is my drive. There are no secrets, but there are things students need to learn first, and learning is hard work. I am lead by the idea that if the student is not getting my message it is my fault as a teacher. There are no bad students, because a teachers skill is to leach people how to learn. However, there are students my skills will not communicate to. I rarely find students with walls I can not penetrate, or with corrupted moral ethics I can not overcome. It is my goal to try, but I can not waste time on them when others are ready and willing to learn.
I learn more from teaching and a students questions then I would learn solo. The obligation a teacher takes on to their student is also a drive to produce methods, publish content, and be there ravailible to teach. Their struggles inspire new ideas for me; both my students and my student teachers. I need students then now more than students think they need me. I am not just a martial arts teacher or fitness trainer, I am also a spiritual guide for people’s life. We are not just doing all this combat training and kettlebells exercise for their obvious benefit, we are putting in this time to grow everything else in our lives too….so I invite you to work with me and build something.



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